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Плагин worldedit скачать 1.7.10

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WorldEditWrapper - use WorldEdit in Single Player - Minecraft Mods

It also plays sounds differently whenever you're running, and allows each block to be played in a different way: Metal fences does not sound like iron blocks Walking over rails both plays a faint metallic sound and the surface below it Walking on a piston pointing upwards sounds like wood.

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This mod will automatically reel in and recast your fishing rod when you catch a fish. You can disable it using its GUI, which opens using a configurable key. Just cast the fishing rod one time into the water and let the mod do the rest.

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LibShapeDraw is an open-source API mod that provides a set of flexible and powerful drawing and animation tools for other Minecraft client mods to use.

Quickly search for and get items in survival mode. Configurable for different server setups. Also allows option for survival pickblock.

A highly customisable flymod which includes 8 diffent flight modes, 7 adjustable speeds and fine-tunable settings like momentum and strafe-rate. Also includes sprint-mod, allowing you to run and jump around like a maniac, and FullBright, a gamma boost that lights up even the darkest of places.

The Taciturn mod gives you the ability to mute/unmute anyone you want to on any multiplayer server, or singleplayer LAN server. Taciturn also automatically blocks repeated messages in chat, so you won't have to worry about spam as was made to simply and easily make your Minecraft experience more enjoyable!

/cs stands for CraftScript -- you always type that is the name of the script you put in the craftbukkit directory foo=bar baz=buzz are arguments you give to the script - see the README files for what these arguments are

Of course, if you don’t feel like making maps or other content to share with the world, then the WorldEdit Bukkit plugin isn’t going to do much good for you. You could still use it to copy buildings, villages and farms from other maps and then paste them into a map of your choice though. This feature lets you rip interesting structures and other things out of other maps and combine them all on a single map if you so choose. The plugin is highly useful and highly versatile since it allows you to create whatever world you see in your head, except for real and in Minecraft.

Bukkit is just loaded with so many useful add-ons for Minecraft. The WorldEdit plugin is one of these. It’s also one of the oldest plugins for Bukkit today, a fact which probably has some bearing on how popular it has become. With WorldEdit, users can modify their Minecraft world on a whim, moving mountains, emptying lakes and filling in ravines in seconds. Normally doing such things would take hours or even literal days if you were to work by hand in Survival or Hardcore mode on Minecraft. The amount of time which can be saved alone makes this plugin one worth downloading and trying yourself.

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